Why This, Why Now?

There is far more evil in our world than most people imagine.
And it has far worse intentions than they can conceive.

Although it appears that evil rules the world, it is very weak.
Evil is always sick, and sick is always weak

Leverage against evil does not require great force,
only knowledge of it's weakness.

Whether or not it is supernatural,
evil is simply bad presented as good, and so
truth is it's greatest enemy, and  it's greatest weakness.

To rule over evil,
we only need effective ways to share truth .
The rule of truth is soon here.

It will be easy,
but it must be safe from the intrustions of evil to come about.
The powers of evil rule must fear opposing it .

Zero has come to do this.
They will fear Zero.
It begins. ​.

Zero's Objectives

Reveal the Rule of Evil

Begin the Rule of Truth and Integrity

Sheppard the Search for What is Truly Good